Pressure Washers

Pressure Washers for ALL types of service levels. We offer Workshop, Commercial and Industrial Pressure Washers for Professionals. This is the content section of US Pressure, I have compiled lots of information about the machines we sell and service. Also, we will add info about some of the ones available on the market. If you are looking for the actual machines we sell go to our SHOP section.

There are 3 basic levels of machines on the market. Each offers electric, gas and sometimes diesel power options. I will break them down for you. The Workshop which is a basic homeowner or light duty machine. Commercial pressure washers range from the direct drive higher powered workshop up to low-end industrial units. The most exciting is the industrial level cleaner which is the top end most powerful machines that are belt driven. Here are the brief descriptions of pressure washer types.


Pressure Washers - Honda AR Pressure Washer 2700 psi 2.5 gpm
Honda AR Pressure Washer 2700 psi 2.5 gpm

The workshop or portable pressure washers are the basic units available to consumers. This level of the machine starts at 1500 psi 1.5 gpm up to 3100 psi 2.5 gpm. This machine can be found on Amazon or at your local Home Depot. We currently offer a variety of the smaller commercial and workshop units that you won’t find in your local stores. Like this Honda AR we offer. It has a vertical pump which is my preferred design to the popular horizontal pressure washer pumps that are offered on many brands like Simpson or Excell. This is not only my opinion but I have proved it by running an UNKNOWN brand that I may have mentioned alongside this actual machine and you can tell the difference without a doubt.


Commercial Pressure Washers are the 2500 psi 2.5 gpm up to 4000 psi 4 gpm. Most businesses in our field start out with some version of these machines. They are lightweight (up to 150lbs) compared to the industrial models (starting at 200lbs) and they are about 30% cheaper on average than the larger models while providing good power and good flow.

Direct drive models were laughed at and discounted when I started 18 years ago because when the pump went bad, IT WENT BAD. Sometimes, the shaft would destroy the engine when the pump died. Now the current direct drives are much more durable and popular for the same reasons they were laughed at because they are lightweight, powerful and affordable. This is the key to success in a start-up pressure washing business.


The industrial class machine is a big beautiful belt drive with a 24 hp Honda and an 8 gallon per minute pump (at least). Most companies move up to this level of a machine as a daily tool and use a commercial pressure washer for back up. These machines must be mounted on a trailer or in a truck/van because they are not portable or easily moved. They weigh in at 250lbs even with an aluminum skid. Our crew at USP uses this specific machine.

I remember the first time we tried to lift this machine off the truck in front of US Pressure. I am not a little guy but it was not gonna happen by myself. Justin had to help me lift it from the truck onto a dolly. This is why we offer the liftgate service when shipping. I want you to make a note that when you purchase this machine it will require a liftgate at delivery. I provide this option at checkout. If you don’t see the option we will get in touch before we ship it.

We will try to keep our info up to date but Contact USP with any questions. We will continue to update our customers and our content about the pressure washer industry.

Pressure Washers

I will be adding more content pages and more products to our website throughout March 2018 ramping up for the big relaunch coming on April 3rd , 2018. We will have several contests, giving away a Honda Cat direct drive, a 20″ Whirl-A-Way and much more. When we opened our first store in Venice Florida we began holding these types of contests. It really helped introduce us to the community. Now that we have grown to serve the entire United States we will be doing the same thing for our online community. We will be holding these contests for our customers and Newsletter subscribers thru March.