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About Us

          US Pressure began in beautiful Venice, Florida. It began as a local Pressure Washer Repair and Service shop. Since then we have grown to a pressure washer supply store for commercial pressure washing pros.
From The Beginning

        My name is Josh, I began pressure washing tile roofs at 15 years old. Growing up on the gulf coast, pressure washing companies were almost as popular as Lawn Services. However, we only had one Pressure Washer Service shop available in town and about twenty lawn mower shops that didn't want to touch a pressure washer. The one pressure washer shop had just one employee (the owner) and he only worked on specific machines out of a little storage unit in the industrial park in Venice. He was rarely in the shop and (like I said) only worked on the machines that he wanted, or that he was familiar with. Needless to say, customer service is not a HIGH priority when you’re the only guy in town.

          Justin Ballard, or Mr. Wizard (as most of us call him), is our Head equipment GURU. This guy has forgotten more about Triplex Plunger pumps than most of us ever care to know. However, his reputation and dedication to our customers (the guys out there cleaning the hell out of everything) are second to none. He has spent over 15 years pressure washing roofs, driveways, pool cages and anything else he could possibly attack with a pressure washer. He began (like all of us) working on his own equipment because we had no REAL shop available to get our machines repaired at. About 4 years ago when he began working on the machines full time and pressure washing part-time. When he was ready to move forward in his pressure washer repair business he gave me a call.


Our first store in Venice Florida October 2014

We decided to open a Top Notch pressure washer repair and retail shop. Our entire team came from a pressure washing background ranging from 15 - 30 years experience in the industry. The main motivation for creating this business was that (after “The One Shop” closed) we had no place locally to buy equipment, or have our equipment serviced. During our season (November - May) it would take well over an hour to drive to the next city for repairs or supplies. Basically, we ALL had to learn to fix our own equipment and make sure we had backups for everything.

Justin and I realized that the price difference between retail and wholesale was large. He had ordered some equipment online for his side business and saw that Shipping was the big killer in the online pressure washer market. Once I opened US Pressure, Justin and I soon realized that by buying our pressure washers and accessories in bulk, combined with volume discounts through freight companies, we were able to offer great prices and FREE SHIPPING to other parts of Florida and the U.S. (not just southwest Florida).

US Pressure Washer LLC. was born

I had recently taken a trip to Albany, Georgia with family and friends in 2014. I had spent a few years in Albany when I was growing up and had a brother that still lived in Leesburg. While on that trip, I happened across a small affordable warehouse. I called Justin and we began our online division.

18 years ago, the guys that taught me this business favored 4 GPM - 4000 PSI Belt Drive machines mounted on Trailers. They worked on their own equipment and those machines were expensive to replace. Back then, the Direct Drives were yet to become popular among those of us that used a machine 8 hours a day. Things have changed a lot over the past 18 years. Now, the Direct Drives are the most popular among 4 gal - 4k machines. The large 8 GPM belt drives have become much more affordable and popular.

I am excited about launching our new site. US Pressure now offers Workshop, Commercial and Industrial pressure washers & accessories. From complete custom built Trailer Rigs, all the way down to Brass and Stainless fittings. We are not selling YOU customer service.