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Industrial Pressure Washer

An Industrial Pressure Washer is the most powerful machines available in the industry. We sell them starting at 8 gpm and 3000 psi. I use these along with a lot of pros for rinsing chemical at a high water volume rate. They are available in Hot Water and Cold Water models, the most popular ones we sell are the 8 gpm gasoline powered industrial pressure washer with a belt drive. I use this machine on my own trailer rig and have sold many of these over the past 3 years.

The one we call " The Beast " is a 24 hp Honda with an Industrial Pressure Washer pump, Comet and AR seem to be the favorites at this level. The Comet pump was one of the first to be produced for an actual Industrial pressure washer.

This machine comes with a dual gun set up and is a literal beast when it comes to cleaning.The dual gun features are really useful when you are doing a combination of jobs like Roof and Driveway or Pool Deck and front sidewalk. These splitter blocks simply divide the Gallons Per Minute and usually increase the PSI.

Industrial Pressure Washer
Most of the Industrial machines that we have serviced and sold are almost always attached to a trailer rig. These machines weigh about 250 lbs (to start) and should always be tank fed.

The average water pressure for a home in Florida, for example, is about 2.5 gallons per minute. This machine draws 8 gallons per minute which will obviously require a substantial increase from the 2.5 that is usually available. So we attach a 200 gallon (minimum) water tank with a float valve that will draw water from the source once the supply in the tank drops below a certain level. This allows us to use industrial pressure washers in residential and commercial areas without blowing up a pump. Most Industrial machines do not offer a Pull Cord simply because of the power needed to start the machine. The engines are often bigger than a dirt bike engine and would be nearly impossible to pull start. You will also note that most machines require a separate fuel tank. It would simply be annoying to have to refuel every 30 minutes. These machines are powerful and require quite a bit of fuel.