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Commercial Pressure Washer
A commercial pressure washer ( in most pros opinions ) is a standard 4000 psi 4 gallon per minute minimum machine. In some cases, they are belt driven but usually a direct drive unit. We have separated our machines into the WorkShop, Commercial and Industrial series machines. The commercial pressure washer series offers several engines and pump options depending on your preference and what you will be using the machine for.

When I started cleaning roofs 20 years ago the pros only used belt drive machines but thanks to modern technology and better-designed units the Direct Drive Commercial Pressure Washer has quickly become the favorite among start-ups and the back up among seasoned pros. Basically, every pressure washing company will start out with a commercial machine. One of my personal favorites after years of selling, servicing and repairing the different brands is the Honda AR-RRV4G40 combo. The Honda engine is a GX390 ( 13 hp ) with an AR pump that has a bolt on unloader. This is one of the most reliable and affordable commercial pressure washers on the market.

This is a great starting point for a commercial pressure washing company. I still use one of these as a back up on most trailer rigs we build here at XSP. For a single person starting out it is light enough to lift into the back of a truck if needed. It is portable enough to allow a lot of flexibility on any job site.

Commercial Pressure Washer Options
I would consider the Powerease AR belt drive to be a commercial machine as well. I have seen many trailer rigs that simply use two of these machines instead of one Industrial machine. This is what I would consider an entry point into the belt drive class commercial pressure washer.

The Powerease engine is a 14 hp powerhouse. We have customers that purchased this engine to replace a worn out Honda over 3 years ago and they are still happy with it. I have received phone calls and emails with non-stop praises about this engine. We offer it with electric start on our commercial pressure washer trailer rigs.